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Lighting the Way



Whilst arranging the figures on the platform at the weekend it occurred to me that something was missing - lamps! An order was placed for five S&D Models GWR gas lamp kits with stems. I also ordered a stem extension to convert one to a yard lamp for the Goods Shed area.


So here's the lamps all built up waiting for the paint shop. I hope to get these ready to plant when I set up at the Ricoh for RMweb Live!




I've also made up some station/camping coach safety notices that will again be made ready to plant once set up on the 12th



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Was impressed I loved the engine pit especially

my thoughts concurred with yours over expense



An O gauge. I have a tendancy (apologies) to think O gauge should be highly detailed...the size allows for it. But to be fair the locos cost big time. So then paying trough the nose for all the scenics and the size to accommodate this....is a massive investment   :O

But despite this you do see ones that have gone the extra mile....






no shortage of detailing here





you can just see the pit...



so not being backward......I asked if I could come in front of the barrier to photograph.....

the nervous looking exhibitor looked....and asked yes but could i be really careful......

considering i had a large handbag to carry all my normal stuff and my iPad....plus was now also carrying a couple of shopping bags with bulging items......I couldn't see his point....

but thankfully he was willing to take the chance.....and this was the result


now I got a much better view than this because i could put my head in....but because I was careful to not hammer the layout with all my paraphernalia you just getting a tittilating glimpse  :angel:

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My only reservation is....I don't personally go look at blogs....but i trawl layouts on a regular basis. This is probably why i have not commented before. Love the layout.



I can't even find out how to link to here...so on my thread i have linked to you.clueless.....

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Nice pics there jazz. That's my able assistant for Saturday and part of Sunday Francis operating. I was the other side of The Berlin Wall doing my DCC demo :)

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well he was very helpful, and quite rightly gave me and my bags a careful look before agreeing ;)

love the pit lights.

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