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Hudsons and Deltics



blog-0483156001412637350.jpgHudsons and Deltics may sound like an odd mixture but all will be reviled shortly.


The Hudson is the other little project that I alluded to last time. This is the KB Scale kit originally produced by Roy Link. Etched brass, white metal and a fiendishly designed compensated chassis. Am very annoyed with myself as I forgot to photograph this rather complicated item before I installed it in the frames as I consider it quite an achievement that I managed to construct successfully and in fully working order. Is all going together rather well but have made one complication for myself in that the kit is O-14 and I need it to be O-16.5. Longer axles and some washers are no problem - rebuilding the motion brackets and packing out the cylinders will be a bit trickier but if I can build that chassis I can do anything! My other dilemma is that the white metal boiler is just asking to be filled with lead as I think getting lots of weight into this one will be essential. Only problem is that it is the only place I can see to hide a chip!




The other distraction this week has been the pair of Deltics living at the bottom of my garden (along with loads of other hardware for the SVR diesel gala). Now these sort of things don't really excite me anymore but I can't help but admit that I still do have rather a soft spot for Deltics.



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'Bottom of the garden' contains a very small amount of artistic license but is not far off the truth - can hear and smell them every day but can only see them in Winter when there are no leaves on the trees! The station is only a minutes walk away though and often down there for a look around and the twin delights of a quick pint or ice cream!


With the Hudson, the water tank is out as it is filled with the compensating mechanism so that does leave the on of the side bunkers as the best option. I will need to remove one bulkhead though. The thing with the boiler though is that there is room for a sound chip and speaker which just wouldn't fit anywhere else.

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