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Original Hornby Model Cabinets





First-timer here hoping for a little advice if at all possible. I have two original Hornby own model railway cabinets in my possession. They measure 180cm H / 120cm W / 45cm D. I understand they are fairly rare, were never made commercially available, and can find nothing of a similar nature online. They are both in excellent condition, bar a few very minor scuff marks.


I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to give me an idea of value, and whether anyone would be interested in purchasing them. I attach photos.


Thanking you for your assistance.



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Hi, they look / are sized like modern retail cabinets made by various shopping fitting manufacturers for those selling collectibles / glassware / jewelry / models etc, albeit customised for a Hornby display.

They are probably worth about the same as any other similar s/h retail cabinet (ie next to nothing to about

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