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A little Deutz



blog-0260425001415299475.jpgCouldn't resist this little 3D printed Deutz model when I ordered the Joffre a few weeks ago and have finally got around to sorting it out. Pretty straight forward really but as with most of these things ended up taking longer than I anticipated. So here we have the basic body with a 24mm Tenshodo moto bogie fitted. 24mm wheelbase gives you an idea of how small this actually is - would be small in 4mm but in 7mm...... Still, I have managed to fit a sound chip in without too much trouble;




From the start I realised that the key to getting this loco working properly would be getting enough weight into it so I visited the cellar again to trim another chunk of the old lead pipe down there! One bit that I am rather proud of is that rather than making the floor from plasticard as was my first thought, why not do it from lead! Here it is suitably weighted and with some more detail added in the form of grab handles and sand boxes;




Now for some paint. I wanted a pretty worn look to this one as it is a German loco that has been captured and is unlikely to have been looked after for a while. A base coat of grey primmer was followed by a rough coat of Model Mates rust and then a spray of acrylic varnish. The hair spray then came out along with some rock salt. Here is the loco well seasoned!




Back down stairs to the spray booth in the cellar and a rough coat of black and a bit of grey to one it down. It was then given a good scrub to reveal a patchy, well worn look;




Couplings were fitted and as seen in a contemporary photo a bit of sign writing was run up in PhotoShop and printed on decal paper;




Pretty pleased with it already but will be even better with a driver and some junk in the 'roof rack'.

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Do you think I got a bit too carried away this time?

I think it's brilliant - I expect that everything got to a really bad state pretty quickly under WW1 conditions.  Perhaps a few graffiti on a captured loco?

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