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My OO scale "County" collection - Part 14



I'm writing this to illustrate the fact that sometimes one needs to plan ahead and get hold of stuff while it's available.


My mother is still considering which area of Yorkshire to move to when she hopefully takes the plunge next spring. Moreover as she intends to rent rather than buy, she may have to move more often depending on the landlord's whims.


I've already bought a Lima GNER HST train pack for possible modification of one of its power cars to East Riding of Yorkshire for a modest sum and I already own a Dapol/Hornby class 56 named West Yorkshire Enterprise.


If mum decides to move to somewhere in North Yorkshire, there are a few locos which contain that name.

Two class 31s have borne the name North Yorkshire Moors Railway and a class 91 has been named County of North Yorkshire.

Although I've travelled on the NYMR, I'm not a member of a preservation group or society connected with the railway, so the class 91 is a more realistic opportunity. The downside is that the 91s were rarely seen running light and a full Mk4 rake would take up far too much room than I have at my disposal.

On the other hand I could track down a Hornby Mk4 GNER train pack or loco a little more easily, and if necessary, repaint an InterCity liveried version into GNER style, as their livery is simple to reproduce and both paints and transfers are available.


Incidentally the City of York, though a unitary authority, is considered for ceremonial county purposes, as defined by the Lieutenancies Act 1997, to belong to North Yorkshire



If she chooses to live within the present boundaries of York City Council, there are several choices available if one want to model a loco which contains the name of York.

According to Rail UK, over the years, several HST power cars have borne The Duke and Duchess of York, another HST power car and a Gresley V2 have also been named St Peter's School York AD 627.

59201 has borne Vale of York, and class 91s have borne City of York and York Minster.

A NER Raven 4-6-2 was named City of York and a D49 "Hunt" class was named The York and Ainsty.


No decision on which loco to model representing York will be taken until nearer the time when she settles within that area.

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