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To Mod a Modding: Putting a 140 back on the workbench

NGT6 1315


Morning all!


I was just meaning to write a few words on how I intend to put one of the DB Schenker 140s I presented in July back on the workbench. I had actually preferred turning one of the pair into one of those 140s outfitted with DSA 200 type single arm pantographs to begin with, but knew from my first attempt at this kind of rebuild that the DSA 200 variant for the Roco class 155 – which was the only option theoretically viable at the time – did not match the spacing of the supporting insulators and could not be easily made to fit.


However, things changed when Roco brought forth their newly tooled class 151 and had one of the initial pair of releases finished in traffic red and with single arm pantographs. According to some research I've done, this DSA 200 variant can be fitted on the 140 as well, so I decided that 140 791 will change identity again and reappear as 140 837. I'm hoping to carry out this modding project during the Christmas holidays, though the lettering required will be available in January only.


I'll also see to putting the general technical information bit about the 140 back on line soonest as, following the news that 140 002 of Mittelweserbahn had been stripped of her rather nice livery, I had eventually decided to part with that model and also made the relevant blog entry with the baseline information invisible. I suppose that went to show why I actually have a somewhat ambivalent view of models of locomotives with promotional liveries as most frequently, these liveries will eventually be removed again, making models very specific for a defined span of time.


I'd also like to mention that one of the newly released Roco 151s will be among my next moddings as well, so do watch this space...

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