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Another show down!




blog-0907063001422403739.jpgNot down at all actually - it was really good! Hats off to those Mickleover chaps who put on a surprisingly extensive and comprehensive little show even though it was only really an open day sort of thing. After a slightly hesitant start while things warmed up a bit and rather too long trying to track down and mend a faulty lead (must make up a couple of spares for a quick swap), things settled down nicely and we had some real fun with a very unrealistically busy operating schedule. Many thanks to Simon who (apart from the gross liberty of a lunch break!), kept things moving while I stood there and chatted - oh OK - and had a lunch break as well!


A good thing about having someone else run the trains was that I could stand back a bit and see how they were actually running. This identified a couple of areas that can be improved on. The significant one is that most of the wheels are falling into the frog gap on the points with a bump that was sometimes leading to derailing or locos stopping. Experiments are now underway to find the best way of building up the gap so that the flanges will actually support the wheel. Favorite at the moment is a couple of pieces of 1.2mm brass wire in the frog gap. Am going to make up a test point and see how it does.


Anyway some pictures;




The layout - or what is only actually half of it - with it's temporary fascia. It was actually rather a nice size and a bit more manageable than the full 20 feet - lesson for next layout perhaps?




Busy scenes in the yard with the removable roof of the Hunslet doing it's best to remove itself.


And finally a very important (but poor quality 'cause it was dark by then!), reminder of how it all went in the back of the Freelander so I know how it went for next time - if the is a next time (for the Freelanderthat is), as the gearbox blew up (again!), the very next day........

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Many thanks again for helping to support our little show - glad that you enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about the car problem - at least it happened after and not before !





Trent Valley Area Group

7mm Narrow Gauge Assn

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this layout looks verry good. You.have.done a very good job on it and I have enjoyed reading your blogs. with the frogs and the wheels dropping down on your next layout I would re examine your back to backs and turnout geometry. a proper turnout should support the wheel all the way through the frog and never ride on the rim. given your evident skill in your work so far you should consider making your own turnouts.




excuse the spelling as this is being sent from my mobile

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I completely agree and the next project (I have a couple in mind!), will have hand made track and be O-14. I used the Peco track work as the layout  was built to a fairly tight time scale which I would never have met if I had had to learn to and build the track. It would also have been a bit daft to have hand built the track to the 16.5 gauge I was committed to due to already having several suitable locos already built. I still have plenty to do on this project but a bit of surreptitious stock building and planning for the next one is likely to  start soon.

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