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Make it Crosti

Sylvian Tennant



Hello, welcome, good to see you all again. Yes, it has been too long, if not for you, then certainly for me. Well, I have been quite busy as of late, but not really doing slot of train lately.


Firstly, a house move, into cottage, with my girlfriend! and her dog, and possibly new kitten. Secondly, UNIVERSITY! too much to do with so little irresponsibly spent money. But my new modelling room...ahem... I mean study is complete so I have been getting around to a bit of modelling.




Arggh thar-she-blows. A railroad 9F converter to a Crosti toilet- I mean boiler with a Dave Alexander kit and Golden Arrow tender. Yes, I know I could have do more, no it's not my model. In fact it was a communions for a friend. He did all of the leg work for the conversion, I only did the weathering and finishing touches.










Overall, everything is the same as before, the only major improvement on the weather was the use of artistic pencils for the patches of rust and to highlight the limescale along the boiler sides.








I'm quite happy with her.


and here she is with my 9F :D




now the Q6.... actually, I've stalled with it, momentarily as I require some retaining compound foe the gears and stuff....


but over the Easter you may very well see one of these....






(I love annoying rivet counters) if you frequent the fictions locomotives threads then you might have seen earlier versions. The plan is to extend the time steam had by about 20 years and in doing so BR carried out a series of modifications under the direction of L.D. Porta and David Wardale. The Geisel ejector I originally had in mind has since been replaced by a Lempor one, the covered cab would have cost too much work to be of much substantial economy and the Gas Producing Combustion System has since been added.


It was either BR Blue steam or LNER electrification with Apple green GG1's flying to York and back :P


I leave you to ponder over that.

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Basically, I'm really angry steam wasn't around when i was partially or fully conscious, so I'm sticking my fingers up at reality and the purists :D.


I got my self some old/second hand bits inc...


Hornby tender drive 8F

Hornby Railroad Black 5

Hornby tender drive 9F

Mainline 4MT

Bachmann Ivatt 4mt


and some static models of 9F's, Black 5's and 4MTs from GBL and Dapol. Not the best or most up to date stuff... but that was the plan all along :P

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If you build more than one Crosti at a time, does that make you a Crosti juggler?*





(*See Hot Fuzz for reference....)

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Nice drawings. This is what model railways can do. Take that line between reality and fiction and widen it. 

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