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Shelf Island

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"Shelf Island" is my new 16.5 mm gauge layout. I planned it over Christmas and started to build it last February. The layout has got a few roles to fulfil - a playground for my collection of 00 shunters and EMUs and DMUs, a test track for new models, a scenic "nominally HO, might be 00" layout, and a fiddle yard for a future Sn3.5 project. With all this in mind it breaks a fair number of rules - gradients to 1:20, a turnout on a gradient, 18-inch curves and a 24-inch reverse curve. It has a Setrack point and some HO-SF pointwork too. But not all in the same place!


I now have the baseboard built and two-thirds of the track either laid or made, and I've done enough test runs with "known good trains" to be confident it is going to work. Here are a couple of photos from this week, and hopefully I can add to this blog during the next year or so. I'd like the model completed (or at least given a controlled abandonment!) but the end of this year. The model has four levels in just over nine square feet.


The inspiration of the layout is the Gum Stump and Snowshoe Railroad built by Chuck Yunkurth in the early 1960s. I have built my layout as a mirror image and put in a run-round loop (front left). I have also added a connection to a fiddle yard so I can introduce different trains.


- Richard.




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