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Going for a Burton!




blog-0495894001433977781.jpgAll packed up and ready for a very early start tomorrow for the 7mm Narrow Gauge Asociation exhibition at Burton Town Hall. Am thinking that this will be most critical audiance yet! Have just spotted that the spell check has stopped working again so appologies for anything that is wrong, I don't have the energy to lift a dictionary right now!


Loco rosta is straight out of Noah's Ark! 2x Hunslets, 2x Baldwins, 2x 20hp Simplex, 2x 40hp Simplex and 2x Dick Kerr/ Westinghouse (they are pretty similar!). Actually have forgotten the little Deutz all on it's own!


Have finally finished off all the new wagons and they are now lettered and weathered so shall leave you with pics of these. I really ought to be off for an early night but just not very good at those!




p.s. yes I know, the ambulance van has no bogies - these are what is keeping me from that early night!

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Hope the show goes well Kevin. I am sure your layout will get the praise it deserves. I should be popping over tomorrow so will see you there.

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See you in the morning - not sure where Tim is going to put you but in any case it's best to unload at the front doors due to building work in rear carpark - you need to follow the one way system around the building to get to the front !


there is a map on the Assn website here





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