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Shelf Island

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Basic Railway




I have finally got round to trying out the fiddle yard on the end of the layout. This is the first time I have seen this since I put the dowel sockets into the bare baseboard:



The sharp-eyed will see I still have some work to do on the height of the spur on the layout. This is going to be a pain to do because there isn't space to assemble the layout like this in the house and the trestle table is not flat:



The layout is workable without the fiddle yard, you can send a train from one place to another:



I still envisage this as three micro layouts, plus a couple of minor scenes:

1. Top right - processing plant

2. Bottom right - passenger halt

3. Bottom left - quayside


Hopefully the new backscene (seascape left, hills right) and some different styles of ballasting will help to split up the view.


I have also added a length of alloy angle to help finish off the front of the layout:



This will define the area for the passenger halt (in a cutting) and make a visual break when the fiddle yard is attached here.


The alloy angle will be the buffer stops for two sidings on the fiddle yard when it is attached here. The two recesses are to accept Kadee couplers - this is probably a bit obsessive for some people, but it makes the sidings half an inch longer, and saves bashing the couplers. The alloy angle is an angle of about 80 degrees, so the fascia panel beside the road bridge slopes backwards. I think this will look nice with all the other angles in this part of the layout.

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