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Track laying complete, next stop Wigan show



Well, I've not updated this for a few weeks now. All the track work which we had planned to relay or reposition has now been completed. However when looking more closely at the layout, we found a few more areas which needed to be lifted and re-laid which we initially tried to straighten/repair. These where tracks which had crossed base board joins and had been damaged at some time during storage/transportation.


Next stop now is the Wigan Finescale Model Railway exhibition on the 12th and 13th December, the layout will be in island which will be mainly LNWR and pre-grouping layouts and traders. There is still quite a bit of work for the group to do on the scenic side of the layout, aswell as the mamoth task of re-wiring the layout and fitting all the point motors. The layout will be displayed with some of Norman and Peter's stock on static display aswell.


After the show, we will not resume work on Millport till the New Year now. This will consist of remaing scenic work and the re-wire. Once its operating, my Railexpress steel 37's will be having a bit of a run biggrin.gif , sorry some LNWR stock will be test run!




Simon (On behalf of the Millport Team)



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