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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.

Shelf Island

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Cronk Noo Olave (Saint Olaf's hill)




The layout needs a scenic break at the front, between the quayside at the left and the passenger halt on the right. This is a scaled-down representation of Cronk Noo Olave using a "coral ornament" sold for an aquarium.



The moulding is fixed down onto a lift-out sub base:



The sub base also carries an archway over the railway. The archway is 1mm mount board, scored with lots of parallel lines on the outside to help it bend. It is now lined with some dark brown paper. I am trying to avoid painting wherever I can.



The sub base drops into a slot at the front of the layout and is secured by magnets at the top:



I have started to extend the rock downwards with a piece of Celotex insulation board I have not used Celotex before and "never again" - too soft and the dust is very fine and very irritating. I much preferred Knauf 'Spaceboard' but I threw my offcuts away and now it has been taken off the market in the UK.

- Richard.

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