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BR Mk2a BSO (from Lima Mk2b BFK)




Posted 27 Feb 2016, revised 26 June 2016.


Lima made models of three BR mark 2b coaches in H0 scale: a TSO, an FK and a BFK. The BFK would be a strange choice for a model in any scale - only 9 were made - but it suits a conversion into an example of the more plentiful mark 2a BSO. The BSO was always a favourite coach to travel in because the seats got first-class legroom and larger tables.


Here are some photos of what I did ...


1. Remodel the two wrap-around doors at the passenger end to make two flat doors


2.Tidy up the brake end to remove unwanted door detail. Also pare off unwanted moulding lines on the body sides, and remove the gutters from the ends


3. Make a new interior (I used seats from a Lima TSO)


4. Remove all of the roof detail except the toilet vents and fit new vents (I used turned brass vents for 4mm scale from Markits - one pack does two coaches)


5. Add some weight to the bogies - I formed a strip of lead into a coil and jammed it in with superglue to make sure it stays put


6. Add another strip of lead on top (glue with epoxy resin), and drop in new wheels and axles. I started with Markits 10.5 mm wheels on their 24.5 mm axles (this photo) but these are rather sloppy in the Lima bogies. I have since swapped these for 10.5 mm wheels on 25 mm axles by Steam Era Models and these run as though they were tailor-made.


I dare not refit the roof for a final photo because it is so difficult to remove. Painting to follow one day.

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