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As others have already noted, recent 'updates' to this website played havoc with many entries.


EDIT 21st Feb -I am very pleased to see that the problems have now been sorted, This blog appears to be readable again :).


I am sure that this has given sleepless nights to the administrators, so appreciate their efforts. I hope, too, that their service provider has learnt some lessons about managing data for an international audience.


At present, many of my posts in this blog are severely truncated. The 'chop' seems to have fallen whenever I have used a special character, such as a hyphen, double apostrophe (used as a symbol for inches), apostrophe, accented character, etc. etc.


Perhaps it will be sorted - only time will tell. I have used this blog as a diary, to record my various experiments in construction techniques, lining, lettering, and so on. I know from your feedback that several of you have found this information to be useful, but a lot is currently inaccessible. I hope that those who wanted the information have downloaded what they need but, if anyone is stuck, please PM me and I'll try to help. I have kept PDF copies of what I wrote for my own use.


It may serve as a salutary reminder that 'cloud storage' is no more infallible than any other method. I think I may now go and print my PDFs and put them on my bookshelf for future reference :)



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My Blog has also suffered truncation!  Sounds painful, and it may prove to be, if the original input is permanently lost and the only remedy is to reload as an edit.

Our PDFs, home printed, are likely to fade anyway, Digital storage in obviously not 100% reliable however many back-ups are made, and changes in technology will render present systems obsolete, like VHS, sound tapes, Photo-film etc


There is a battle going on in Government circles where some want to ditch the use of Velum for records. Seems that Paper and ink are not good enough for replacement..

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i hope yours has recovered, too, Don.  It's good to be reminded occasionally that anything that can go wrong will go wrong :)

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