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NS class 500 EE 350hp shunter (Roco)




Roco make a good model of the English Electric 350hp shunter built for Nederlandse Spoorwegen. This locomotive is structurally much the same as a BR class 11 with different lamps and detail changes.


I bought one of the first-generation Roco models from Elaine's Trains last year and have finally got round to the coupling conversion. The model has built-in "Continental" loop and hook couplers but browsing through the Gaugemaster site I found Roco do a plug-in NEM socket. This is Roco part number RC100829, it isn't illustrated by Gaugemaster and it has the snappy name of "spare" on their site. So I hope posting this here is useful to someone!


The NEM sockets are set relatively far forward so a Kadee short number 17 coupler is plenty long enough, and the sockets are a nice tight fit on the shank. This is a 30-year old model - if only the UK manufacturers could make conversions so simple.




New coupler pocket installed, original coupler removed


First train - perfect


I want to keep this model in its original condition including its NS livery. The model is not terribly unprototypical for a British layout because at least one sister engine (600-series) has returned to the UK to work on the Middle Peak Railway.


This model is my token analogue locomotive for the layout. It would be useful if I ever take the layout to a show and the DCC controller should pack up. The model runs well on a KPC feedback controller, and it also ran well on a Morely "Vector" (non-feedback) controller when I had one. Unfortunately, the 500 series did not have a train brake. So this locomotive can only do shunting in a yard; a train will need a brake van I haven't got.


Prototype information culled from the web
NS class 500 - the Dutch wikipedia entry is more helpful than the equivalent English one
Locomotive brake only
Running number by Roco is 523
Sister locomotive 521 was built in 1953 and is preserved at the Foundation Steam Train, Goes - Borsele (SGB) in South Beveland, Zeeland
Modelled in the pre-1963 condition, before installation of a roof-mounted flashing light

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Added details of analogue controllers and the lack of a train brake.

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