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GM class 66, 5-door / low emission version (Mehano)




I want a modern engine to haul my air-braked stock. This is a repaint of the Mehano class 77 into a representation of one of the low-emission class 66 engines as it ran with GBRf in their interim livery.



The paint job is by Andi Walshaw of Cairns Road Works, and Andi also changed the handrails on the cab fronts from plastic to wire. I think the result is pretty fabulous.


This is the model as supplied by Mehano:
There is a short discussion on the suitability of this model here.


I put a Kadee #20 coupler on one end before the repaint. I had to use the "long" version of the coupler so the knuckle will clear the buffers on my reverse curve - this is 24 inches to the left and 18 inches to the right in the photo here. The engine is specified for a radius 1 (c. 15 inch) curve.


At the other end I have put a non-working "scale" coupler and the supplied blanking plate over the NEM socket. This really is a beautiful model - drive to the outer axles on each bogie, traction tyres on the innermost axles, pick-ups on the four axles without traction tyres. The running is just about perfect - on a par with the Rapido APT-E.


Posted 6 June 2016 (before repaint), rewritten 16 November 2016 (after repaint)

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