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Bodmin General (ish) 2




Just had a play with Templot using a Bing map as a rough guide




Nothing in stone, may need compressing. Do I keep the 2 road shed or go for a single road shed. I have used B8's except for the curved turnout, though I may just vary the sizes just to be echonimical with the common crossing packs


As I plan in in a preservation era, as I can use locos from both GWR and SR, also varied liveries and use locos which perhaps would never had been used.


As for the slip (which is a diamond just for speed of design) do I have a single, double or perhaps a Barry slip ? or just build the turnout as is with 2 catch points in built. Still the idea will be to build the trackwork between the signal box and engine shed


The plan is about 10' in length, this I may need to compress though

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Hi John, I saw your other post also. What a nice scene for a micro. With a single road shed the track will be a little less busy in visual terms (which can be a good thing), but personally I think I'd keep it as a two-road shed - partly bceause it's visually more interesting, and partly because you can then have a GWR and SR loco sitting next to each other :-)

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Thanks for the comments, I guess the best thing is to go back and have another look. You know this is all your fault after seeing your new layout.


Phase 1 will be building the turnout and slip/turnout with catch points

Phase 2 will be laying the turnouts and building the track up to the shed

Phase 3 adding a shed and making a cameo

Phase 4 making a layout which will depend on how big the modelling room becomes, at the moment it will be about 14' by 6.5'

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