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Bodmin General(ish)3






Alternative plan with a turnout as per Bodmin now instead of a slip, but with old style goods yard layout




Platforms, buildings etc




Close up of the initial area to be built




A quick lash up of the trap point, will be done as per prototype though

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Will you be adding the two catch points in the engine shed lines ?


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If I decide on this version then yes, if you look closely I have put in the two catch rails, however added an enlarged shot of the turnout where I have lengthened them. Just a quick lashup and I think this may be the route to go as its not as long or space hungry as the slip with the engine spur.


It will also be a bit different and perhaps a talking point, I guess I should make it functional while I am at it, one for the promise DCC point roding !.


I have been thinking about GWR slide chairs, my normal method is to use the outside of a 2 bolt and a normal 4 bolt slide plate, two thoughts either cut the 2 bolts off a normal slide chair, round it off with a file and a bit of microstrip for the bolt. Or cut the front off the slide plate and splice the bolt part of the discarded inside part of the chair, would be a lot easier with a plastic timber, but its ply for this build

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Those catch rails really add interest. With your skills and speed I thought your Phase 1 would be quickly done, but I can see now that there is a lot to consider re the chairs etc. But that's exactly why a phased approach is so good. It takes the stress out of things as you don't have to think about everything at once.

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Plus I have other things building up in a queue all needing time, the Masokits turnout has been quite a lengthy build and a bit of an eye opener, I have a quickie of a copperclad Fox Henderson to build and some work on Ludgate Hill to do. I may have one day a week that is mine!! However the garden beckons, a flower bed to make/dig and a start on widening the drive. Oh and work to go to 

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