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MB-24 no. 5 (Matchbox / Bachmann)




This is my take on the Lesney (Matchbox) diesel shunter:


The Matchbox shunter comes in plastic and die-cast versions - I used a die-cast one. The chassis is from the Bachmann "Underground Ernie" inspection car (grey) with styrene additions (white and black). The moulded "springs" came from an Airfix/Dapol rail bus:


For simplicity, I took out the original DCC socket and rewired the pick ups directly to the motor. There is still room for the cab detail piece, but it had to go a bit further into the cab:


I pondered the fixings for the couplers and the buffer beams for a lot time. In the end, I did what Lesney did: front buffer beam on the body, rear buffer beam on the chassis.


The body is held onto the chassis by friction:


I painted the model with Halfords paint, grey primer and then Dark Volvo Grey. When the paint had dried, I rubbed it down to reveal the handrails and the enclosure around the radiator grill.


It's not a scale model, but it fits in well with my H0 trains. It's a lot of fun too, if a bit quick. My thanks go to David Alexander of the British H0 Society for the idea, and to Phil Parker for the encouragement to finish it.


- Richard.

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Hi Richard


I think that's a really neat bit of modelleing!  I never got any of the matchbox trains as a kid (though I have seen a fair few of these locos in junk boxes at toy/train fairs I have attended) but built a LEGO equivalent at the time, using the car/trailer drawbars as stock couplings and creating a narrow gauge mining train with a little diesel loco at the head.  Of course, that was back in the day of processing film, so no photos exist!  Happy memories!  Thanks for transporting me back to the late 70s with your build!


Steve S

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7 hours ago, DK123GWR said:

This looks good. How did you take the loco apart initially?

I can't remember - this build was nearly five years ago!


I have a fresh one in my hand. There are five bits of diecast body riveted over the plastic base plate. I would drill these out to start. Then trim all five back flush with the inside of the body shell. I probably snapped them off with pliers and then filed down the remaining stubs.


- Richard.

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