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St Ruth

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Helston 2017




Greetings from Kernow!


The St Ruth team has just enjoyed a great weekend at the Helston show. The layout's first trip to its native country.


I really enjoyed the experience - a chance to chinwag with lots of fellow Cornwall railway geeks with a special mention to the folks on the Cornwall Railway Society stand. There was also a stand selling genuine west country ballast. The proprietor was identified as a mining geek so Chris was entertained for some time there.


We had plenty of folks recognising buildings and streets on St Ruth and passing on stories about Penzance. The organisers made us very welcome and kept everyone well plied with tea and coffee throughout the setup evening and the show. A certain amount of Cornish ale was also consumed at yesterday's evening gathering.


Some photos...






There was a nice 7mm layout of Bodmin North right behind us.Unfortunately several of my photos came out overexposed but this one gives you a flavour...




And the Helston club's 7mm narrow gauge Gweek North Quay - some lovely structure modelling that really conveys the feel of Gweek. I think I've had a pint or two of Tribute in that pub...








Edit: Just for Pete...



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Glad to hear all went well at the show Andy :good:


Was hoping to see some pics of some of the Cornish Ale you drunk...:jester:

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Was hoping to see some pics of some of the Cornish Ale you drunk...:jester:


Just for you then Pete.

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I have the same glasses!


I'd be having a serious talk with your optician then ;)

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It was great to see the layout "in the flesh", and a big thumbs up to the time that was given to show my 3yr old different things on the layout. 

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Thanks Kris. Glad you and your son enjoyed it. Normally we have a periscope for use by vertically challenged viewers but I think we left it back at base on this occasion... sorry about that.


Regards, Andy

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