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Shunting part 2, Look no hands ....

Dave John


Now that I have fitted the uncoupling magnets it is time for a bit of real world playing, er, testing.

Sorry about the rather rough video but it shows what I am trying to be able to do without the magic hand appearing. I think I’m slowly getting there, but all that pushing stuff about really shows up any errors in track or stock.

Anyway, hope its all vaguely watchable.







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Very impressive Dave but I do hope you were giving that shunter a lift on your bottom loco steps as he would have had a heck of a lot of running round to keep up with you, What was the loco an 812 class?


Out of interest what is the width of the layout at this point?


ps the signals look good working as well

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Thanks Steve. 


It is an 812, made from the Caley Coaches kit. Features beam compensation on both engine and tender and is fitted with a portescap motor and gearbox. Its been a workhorse for years , but is getting a bit scruffy, could probably do with a repaint.


The layout is 30 inches wide at the bridge end tapering to 28 inches at the other end. 

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