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Toby's Sylvian Cousin.

Sylvian Tennant



I love trains and model railways and can genuinely now say I cover all of the main gauges in British railway modelling. How did I achieve this - by being given an O Gauge Y6/J70 tram locomotive. I am genuinely not sure if it's a kit or scratch build or scratch aid kit or what. it was built, and it seems to have been built okay if a little dated. There was some work towards making a chassis for it but I was given a Lima motor bogie which works and will fit on to the body with some work.


Anyway. I have decided to take advantage of restoring this little old lady up to work order. As the tram seems to have a combination of both the Y6 & J70 locos I decided to give it a completely made up designation and give it a fictional railway to run on. I'll reveal all, once it's complete. Anyway, I want to give it a slightly lived in (whether to weather or not) feel some I cut out some of the windows and front doors.






Of the window frames many broke up due to the soft and thin plastic the body was made up of some I had to make some new ones from 20 thou plastic sheet.




The the body was rubbed down to later be replaced, the skirts were extended. The roof edges had some chips which we filled in and some slight modelling imperfections were addressed.


Hopefully the outcome will be a pleasing affair. I'm currently looking into building a Wisbech style coach and wondering what wagons it could haul. Nothing too big as 0 isn't my main gauge but something to run when visiting my friends garden railway.

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I suspect it is an old Highfield Models vacuum formed kit, they also did a sentinel. Not bad for the money and a bit of care in the assembly.



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