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All wheel drive for Lima ED.



I have now given the chassis a coat of satin black. I have put the motor back in and I have done the bogies.


Tried various plastic solvents on the Lima sideframes. Nothing touched itblink.gif. So back to the old standby, superglue. And once set, a fillet of epoxy is put around the joints. Belt and braces approachicon_thumbsup2.gif Bogies back in in the morning. Initially it will be driving on two axles, just until I get a new driveshaft from Bachmann. Then I can set to work on the body. I know the glazing will have to be cut into indiviual sides at the very least just to clear the motor. At what was the bonnet end of the chassis there will probably not be much room for a cab, but there will at the other and this will be the front. What I have done with nearly all of my diesel loco's is to fully load one end with detailing parts and a scale coupling and at the other, just fit the parts that will not interfere with a small tension lock type. this approach means that most of my diesels cannot be used for shunting, but to me, that's no big deal.

Right, I've done enough for today. More tomorrow.


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