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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.
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Sylvian Tennant



So far so good, i've managed to pretty much overhaul the locomotive and tender to give a decent representation of a J27.








Unfortunately when I was looking over some images of the engine i was going to represent it turns out the dome was the wrong type. Being that anal I hunted around for another J27 with NER Pattern buffers and dome in the Teesside region...eventually finding 65870 which spend most of it's life in or around Area 51 and have the correct pattern details I needed.






Following on from this, I just need to add some more obscured loop couplings, make up some three linkers and glazing otherwise she's ready for a repaint. Saying that, I am considering making a slightly bigger balance weight for the centre wheels to help hide the other splashers as the J27 had them only on the centre ones.... maybe I should have done a J26 !

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