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Sulzer Breakthrough iii) Early Blue Brush Type 4s - and then there were two, 47148 - 1547





There's a pretty masthead for a blogger, eh!


1547 was i.d-theived yesterday, the method for mechanical removal of Bachmann's tampo printing is now pretty efficient, extending to the headcode glazing. I really like the side view of this livery, it is prototypical and looks plain wrong. In the sense that compared to two-tone green it's plain, and in location of all the decals it's so wrong compared to the standard blue of December 1968 on... You can imagine it in the drawing office after Beeching's edict of corporate inflexibility: 'Yes, the numbers have gotta be squashed right up there by the TOPS panel, those double-arrows, well there have to be four - push them up as close to the doors as you can get them.'


1547 was allocated to D05 (Stoke Divn: Crewe) at this time and was probably a familiar sight on the WCML and through to Edinburgh either via Carstairs or the Waverley Route.


What we are hoping to achieve here is the ambience of the prototype (I reckon) as pictured at Melrose on my Waverley photo image links thread. She's got a completely blank headcode in that picture, posing a whole new challenge. As yet the mod to correct the bogies remains outstanding.


Once the headcodes are done, the pair's bodies are going back on for light weathering and correction of boiler-port details.


EDIT: the grey showing through bodyside windows wasn't sitting happily, so permanent marker on the chassis block has taken care of that on 1547, compare with 1536 in this photo:



While we're inside here let's show the readers where the chassis block gets blacked, and also our guilty secret for i.d-ing the chassis itself:



The decision Dynamis vs NCE Powercab is still unmade, so these two won't be chipped for now. In an unusual move, possibly triggered by Hornby's announcement to release the Lima 40 in the Railroad Range, a random specimen has appeared on the W/B where she sits tremulous about what might happen next....



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I think it's maybe the odd (haphazard?) positioning of the livery elements, but that livery variation does look "of it's time".


Nice to see the fleet progressing 'chard, and I look forward to any thoughts on the old-school 40s, I've also found the Railroad 40 to be about the only practical* temptation in the Margate news.


*as opposed such gems as No9 and maroon Duchesses *swoon* :lol:

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I think you're right. When I look at this in the context of the Corporate Image guidelines I think the intention was to go uber-corporate, in the Swinging Sixties, and everything's a bit - well - weird, really. It totally shouts '1968' though, and therefore that's perfect for me :D


Imagine the cruel knowledge that this shiny Standard Type 4 at the head of some corporate Blue & Grey MkIs represented the future of everyone else's main line, but not your lifeline...


In other news, Class 40s are doing my head in, I just looked at details of individual cab ends on the 260-266 batch and I need to lie down.

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Hi Chard,

long time follower of your layout thread and blog,biggrin.gif

Your Brush 4s are looking good, I am working on one myself and Pennine MC had some useful pics on the old forum which shows the bogie mods and what he did about improving the the fuel tank and battery box area. I have done the same on my loco and it didn't take too long, always a bonus as I tend to get bored if things take to long or get difficult.wink.gif


Cheers Peter,

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Thanks Peter, I'm going to look out for that, because tonight I've sorted out how I'm going to finish the headcodes (albeit tomorrow when I ain't so exhausted!). When they're done the bodies go back on for now, and it's roof and underframe tweaks prior to weathering. Peaks on the W/B tonight, along with a 24 and 25, expect a new blog entry tomorrow.


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