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Vitrains class 47




Goodafternoon -

Just before christmas i treated myself to (another) Vitrains 47 - as my loca shop had them on special offer - so it was hard to resist. I came away this time with the RES version.

I decided not to change the name or number , and finish off the loco with as many of the supplied Vitrains bits as possible , rather than changing them for other parts - in order to get my moneys worth, and to see just what results you get from vitrains - I have lots of vitrains 47s already but they are being repainted, bits changed etc - this is the first one that I've just taken out of the box and detailed up.

So heres my 'value' 47 - i still have vacuum pipes and couplings to fit - Ive changed the wipers for A1 versions , and resprayed the windscreens , but thats all.



I think it looks very nice , considering the only aftermarket parts are the wipers -

For the period im modelling, RES Livery 47s would have been ex works and I think this does a good job of looking like one





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