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British Road Vehicles for 1:87 Scale




Sometimes a native 'British' subject helps to set the scene for a layout. I think this is especially important when a layout is to an unusual scale. This post is a list of commercial models of British road vehicles to 1:87 scale I have found useful for my own layout, with additions suggested by other members of the RMWeb and a few other models I have found along the way.


  • To qualify 'British' here, I include vehicles built in Britain by foreign-owned companies
  • For simplicity I have omitted model trams from the list



AEC Renown LT5 ... Lledo
AEC Routemaster ... Brekina, Tomica

Austin 1100 ... short run model by Artapo

Austin FX4 London Taxi ... Best of Show (BoS-Models)
Austin Healey Mk1 "Frogeye" ... Saller Modelle (short run model)
Austin Healey 3000 ... Wiking

Austin Mini (labelled Mini Austin 7) … Wiking

Austin Mini Cooper ... Herpa

Austin Mini Mayfair ... Herpa
Austin Mini Countryman ... Brekina

Austin Mini Van (including Police version) ... Brekina
Austin Mini Mayfair ... Herpa

(some 'Austin' Minis are badged as Morris)


Austin Mk2 Radio Truck ... Lesney Matchbox diecast no. 68A


Bedford CA ambulance … vvmodel

Bedford CA minibus … vvmodel

Bedford CA van … vvmodel

Bedford RLHZ ‘Green Goddess’ (1953) … BoS-Models


Bentley R-type Continental … BoS-Models, vvmodel

Bentley series 3 ... Busch

Bentley series 3 Continental … Neo


BMC LD ... Eko Sava van


Bristol Lodekka ... Lledo diecast


Commer Walk-Thru van ... Husky no. 19a


Dodge K1050 ... Lesney Matchbox diecast nos. 37 and 63


Foden Concrete Mixer ... Lesney Matchbox diecast no.21

Foden S21 platform lorry (1963) … vvmodel


Ford Anglia ... EKO, vvmodel
Ford Capri Mk1 V6/1300GT ... Wiking
Ford Capri Mk2 … PCX87

Ford Capri Mk3 ... Brekina

Ford Capri RS2600 ... Herpa

Ford Cortina (1964) … vvmodel
Ford Escort Mk1 (2 and 4 door versions) ... Wiking

Ford Fiesta ST … Minichamps

Ford Focus RS … Minichamps

Ford Galaxy ... Herpa, Wiking

Ford Granada Mk1 estate … PCX87

Ford Granada Mk2 estate … Brekina

Ford Mondeo Mk1 hatchback … Rietze

Ford Mondeo estate … Rietze

Ford Sierra ... Wiking


Ford Transit van, first generation ... Brekina
Ford Transit minibus, second generation 1994 facelift ... Rietze

Ford Transit Mk2a mini bus … Brekina

Ford Transit Custom … Busch

Ford Transit Mk2a mini bus … Brekina

Ford Transit Mk? mini bus, high roof … Rietze


Jaguar E Type ... Ricko
Jaguar E Type ... Wiking
Jaguar Mk II ... Wiking

Jaguar Mk V … BoS-Models

Jaguar Sport Cabriolet ... Wiking
Jaguar XJ6 ... Herpa

Jaguar XJ-S … BoS-Models

Jaguar XK150 … vvmodel

Jaguar XKSS … Ricko


JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader ... Motorart diecast


Land Rover series III ... Roco

Land Rover 88 … Brekina, Schuco

Land Rover 109 County … Brekina

Land Rover Defender 110 … BoS-Models, Busch, Wiking

Land Rover Discovery … Busch

Land Rover Range Rover Sport … BoS-Models


Leyland Terrier ... Corgi Juniors diecast (fitting more authentic wheels will reduce the model to a reasonable width)


London General Omnibus Co. Type B (1910) ... Artitec


Lotus Esprit S1 … BoS-Models


McLaren (various models) … Minichamps


MG TC … Busch

MGA Roadster ... Wiking
MG 1600 ... Eko

Morris Minor ... Brekina

Morris Minor Van … BoS-Models

(I have listed all Minis under 'Austin')


Reliant Regal Supervan III (1969) … BoS-Models


Rolls-Royce (various models) … BoS-Models


Rover P6 ... Brekina


Triumph TR4 ... Wiking (Automobilia Transkit available)


Vauxhall ...some models of Opel cars by Herpa and Wiking are helpful on British layouts after changes to their badges



Some of these models are left-hand drive; I think it is better to trim off "misleading" parts like wiper blades and steering wheels, even if I don't have the ability to add suitable parts for right-hand drive:




Posted 10 January 2018, last revised 28 July 2021

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Recommended Comments

Other cars that could be added to the list are:


Austin 1100 - short run model by Artapo

Austin Healey 3000 - Wiking (detailing kit by Automobilia)

Austin Mini Countryman and Van (including Police version) - Brekina

Austin Mini Mayfair - Herpa

Austin Healey Mk1 "Frogeye" - Saller Modelle (expensive short run model)

Ford Anglia - kit by V&V available from http://www.mfredrichmodelle.de

Ford Capri Mk1 V6/1300GT - Wiking

Ford Capri III - Herpa

Ford Capri RS2600 - Herpa

Ford Cortina Mk1 - kit by V&V available from http://www.mfredrichmodelle.de

Ford Escort Mk1 (2 and 4 door versions) - Wiking

Ford Galaxy - Herpa and Wiking

Ford Granada - Herpa and Wiking

Ford Sierra - Wiking

Jaguar E Type - Wiking (Transkit detailing kit is available from  Automobilia)

Jaguar MkII - Wiking (Transkit detailing kit available from Automobilia)

Jaguar Sport Cabriolet - Wiking

Jaguar XJ6 - Brekina

MGA Roadster - Wiking (Automobilia Transkit detailing kit is available)


Morris Mini Minor - Wiking

Morris Minor - Brekina 

Triumph TR4 - Wiking (Automobilia Transkit available)

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A nice 1960s lorry that's H0 scale is the Matchbox Dodge as used for models 37 and 63. There's also a three axle version of the cattle truck. Husky did a Commer Walk-Thru van that's H0 too. Diesel version, so perfect for Rail Express Parcels!

There were also a number of 1950s/eary 60s British vehicles in the EKO range (including the Sava van which was a BMC LD built in Spain under licence).

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Most Opels (Wiking, Herpa, etc.) from the late 1970s on can be used with minimal badging changes as Vauxhalls. With more determination the Kadett C, Ascona B and Rekord E could become Chevettes, Cavaliers and Carltons respectively.

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There are many more British 1:87 cars in this web-site, including Bedford lorries, Hillman Minxes and more Fords and Jaguars.  It's well worth a thorough look through all of the 1:87 manufacturers.  I wasn't aware of them all, as my first interest is Italian cars of the 60s and 70s (and the few British cars seen in Italy).  www.mfredrichmodelle.de

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Useful link and what a nice Minx! The first (4mm) car kit I did way back in '85 was a Minx, though a series I/II.

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Dodge K1050 - Matchbox 37 (cattle truck body)


The cab measures 27.5 mm wide and 29 mm high, and extends 16.5 mm in front of the axle.


The model looks like a K1050 truck, reviewed by Commerical Motor (page 50, 15th December 1972) who gave the dimensions of their test vehicle as
  • width 7 ft 10 1/4 in
  • height 8 ft 11 in (to top of body)
  • front axle to front of cab 4 ft 8 in 

All three dimensions equate to a precise 1:87 scale. The wheelbase of the model is much shorter than the wheelbase of the vehicle tested by Commercial Motor, but the cab looks spot on. The lorries were built at Dunstable.


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Hi Richard,

A fascinating topic, thanks. I've been collecting British outline road vehicles for approx 30 years now! and have come across a couple of sites you may find interesting.


A stunning looking Foden (a bit pricey but seriously interesting)

A selection here;



Hope you enjoy a look through the BoS website but don't get carried away!



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  • RMweb Gold

Thank you to everyone who has made such helpful suggestions.


I updated my list today. I have removed the trams to try to make the list more manageable.


I feel we are really spoilt for choice now, most everything we could want except some modern buses.


- Richard.

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