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15A's not so finest.....Hornby Crosti 9F




A good friend of mine asked me to remove the factory weathering of his Hornby Railroad Crosti 9F. Having been a fireman at Wellingborough he actually worked on the prototypes and was none to complementary about them. Poor steaming and terrible visibility were mentioned. He also told the story of the Crosti 9F's being stored at the back of the shed and cannibalised for spares.


The Hornby model is a Railroad model from a few years ago. Yes it has it's faults but I actually like it and think there are some good points in it's favour including price and robustness. The factory weathering is that awful blast of brown paint on the chassis and lower sides which looks a kin to Elvin Evan's Fiesta WRC after a muddy stage in a Welsh forest. Carefully using T-Cut and cotton buds I was able to remove the weathering without damage the numbers and crests, I quiet like the effect on the tender sides especially.
25969013128_50b3fdefbf_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


Here's a broadside shot with Modelu crew figures being painted up.


39842388431_d1e709df87_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


28063336439_002832c252_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


Handrails were bent up and fitted above the front foot steps. Lamp brackets were made staples. The lamp is one of Dave Frank's excellent LMS range of loco lights.


Weathering is purely added using dry brushing and washes of Valejo/Games Workshop paints.


39132568734_d9474a4bba_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


The Modelu crew are painted up using the same acrylic paints and posed accordingly.


25969016528_6919b25fb7_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


24971863677_ef20c0213f_c.jpg9F by Mark Branson, on Flickr


Tender doors are Bachmann ones from the spares box.Crushed real coal added to the tender to finish.


Now things have warmed up a fraction weather wise I may do a few tweaks with the airbrush to finish it off.





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  • RMweb Gold

Very nice subtle work, make a big difference I think. And some interesting thoughts from your friend! 

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  • RMweb Gold

Care to elaborate on the good points Mark? ;)


Nice work as always - will we get to see the finished product?

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Just so you know, all the photos have become "no longer available" which kills the whole Blog

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