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The Project





This blog will cover the development of a very small diorama type N gauge model railway. The subject matter is to be the ubiquitous Great Western branch line terminus. It was chosen due to space restrictions, some existing stock from a previous layout years ago and the wealth of information available on the subject.


It is a pilot scheme. If time allows, all goes well and my re-kindled interest from childhood actually results in a finished working layout then I may progress to something more ambitious.


The available space is on top of two IKEA shelf units, one 80cm x 28cm and one 60cm x 28cm. IKEA no longer sells the 60cm unit. The 80cm unit will house the scenic area, the 60cm a small fiddle yard.


Some of entries here will be reposts of an earlier blogger blog however the posts will no doubt soon catch up with reality due to the snails pace of progress on the project.


Some inspiration coming from Iain Rice (although perhaps not standards!).


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