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Tweedale - A Day Trip To The Woods




Since the last blog the Tweemoor Yard scene has lost its post-apocalyptic nuclear winter look. Grass has sprouted from the wasteland, trees have burst forth, and buildings have popped up like mushrooms, including Mr Yardley's long awaited yard office.




As can be seen the forestry department have been busy. It was a long and tedious job that can be summed up in two words - never again. On the plus side, the newly planted ancient woodland has now become something of a local beauty spot, and the railway, quick to exploit a new source of traffic, have provided an excursion platform.




Although very basic, it's claim to fame is that it has the longest platform seat in Tweedale. The only other facility is a pre-loved notice board, obtained ages ago from an ex-military type who had fallen on sorry times and was reduced to hawking his stuff from door to door. Like mugs we fell for his hard luck story, but have at least now found a home for this piece of junk, even though it does still bear an old poster advertising cheap fares to Selsey (wherever that is).


It's a long time since the railway ran a regular passenger service, but now and then the railbus gets dusted off and turns up here with an excursion, inundating us quiet country folk with hoards of townies. On such occasions the ladies endeavour to make their way up the steep and rickety steps and over the road towards the Kafe In The Woods, renowned for its dainty teas and creamy cakes. Meanwhile the gents prefer to sit on the famous seat, and watch with the critical attention of spectators at a chess tournament, as Mr Yardley (maestro of the marshalling arts) conducts his shunting performances in the yard. That said, once the ladies are out of sight there is a tendency for the chaps to nip across the tracks and over the stile to The Jolly Poacher.




Getting down to the practical side of things, for ground cover I used my prefered method of making up a green paste from scatter material (50:50 mix of Woodland Scenics Yellow Grass and Burnt Grass) and dilute PVA glue, which is then spread over the ground contours like plaster. While still wet it is lightly sprinkled with static grass (dead-grass colour), followed by a sprinkling of green ground foam mixture, all pushed and poked about with a cocktail stick. To my eye it gives a good enough representation of rough grass without going to the expense of a static grass machine. The trees were made using the method described in an earlier blog, basically cardboard cut-outs covered with pieces of Woodland Scenics foliage. Buildings were all scratch-built from card.




Cheers, Alan.

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I must copy your scenic methods and hope I get as good a result. The overall vista looks very good, and I really like your well reasoned facilities for trippers in no space at all. Great work.

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