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While the stock boxes were out today, I took the opportunity to take a pics of some of my stock.


Bachmann 56xx in Lined Green-this shouts South Wales to me more than Shirley Bassey in Cardiff carrying a leek!
Then my new kid on the block,bought as a bargain because of a broken buffer.....love a bargain!
Both of the above have crew,coal, lamps and very importantly for South Wales; Duty Discs.


Then we have these two scruffy individuals that work in the colliery itself. The Austerity is a Dapol one,DCC Chipped.The cab vent and roof vent are both open,the Peckett's origins are clear to see. I know Hornby's Peckett is magnificent but at a ton, it's too much money to consider.

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What's the red saddle tank?

Hi Ruston,


It's a very old Dapol pug,with modified cabsides, smokebox wing plates, an enlarged saddle tank,new buffer beam and various white metal fittings. You can tell it's pug origins because of its wheels. I am pleased you didn't spot it though.

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When Bachmann released their impressive and much anticipated 94xx, I couldn't justify the three figure sum to get my hands on one. When it was released, I watched Ebay, hoping that a decently made kit would come on.  Then lo!   This amazing Lima bodied model had a Bachmann chassis and was DCC fitted already.  The conversion is really well done and it runs like a dream.  I have yet to paint it black.


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I suppose a Hattons Barclay was inevitable. This replaced the Peckett which has given it's chassis to another project.  Narrow Planet provided the awesome nameplates. 


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