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Set 732. Introduction.

Mick Bonwick


Set 732 is to be depicted as a BR(S) liveried pull-push pair fairly late in the life of its green livery. An example of similar stock was found in a Michael Welch book containing many images of the southern region at the end of steam.


The plan, such as it is, is to produce a weathered pair of coaches that shows a build-up of dirt around panel and window edges, a very dirty underframe and roof, but cleanly maintained sides.


The dirt build-up will be achieved using MIG Productions Dark Wash, the underparts will be coloured using Railmatch Sleeper Grime mixed with their matt black, as will the roof but in different proportions.


Before starting, everything will be well mixed in jar by my trusty Badger battery powered stirrer. The wash will be applied using a rigger brush, and I'll let you imagine what the chopstick rest will be used for.


The coaches are by North Star and were, I believe, painted by Larry Goddard. The challenge is to make them dirty without ruining an excellent paint finish. Is that possible?



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Now that's uncanny!

Are you just practising before taking on Set 733 in SR livery - or is this a batch process?


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