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And there were two! plus one, erm no two! Tamper, pacer, and oh no not another 73!




Evening all,


firstly would like to wish everyone a Happy 2010! well one of my last Blogs of 2009, wow whod of thought?!


well the day after getting back from my Friends, with new projects in tow, thought itd be good to share them on here with my blog ...


in tow in a rather broken plastic bag ( note to self not the best to carry unboxed trains in), was a Bachmann 35-165 Motorised Plasseur Tamper ... now some may think this is a boring RTR model, but it actually has plenty of scope to become an accurate albeit slightly underscale for 00, model is a tamping machine. I think I may be right in assuiming that this model is an early version, of which doesn't have the veranda roof which goes all the way over the machine, and some basic tamping equipment, along with roof mounted headlights.

After doing some Fotopic research It has been revealed that to bring the model up to the period im modelling, the missing roof would need to be added, missing suspension added to the bogies, all of the steps removed altered, as well as the cabs modifed, and reglazed, some even filled in .. I shant go into depth here but will go into more detail in my next post if anyone is interested? basically I want it to look like this ( but im unsure of livery of number at the moment ): http://ockle.fotopic.net/p61455764.html


the other model was a battered Yellow Regional Railways livered Pacer, of the early type and double motored and finnished as 143020, with one of the cab face mouldings missing.

another car in poor condition as well was thrown in, which was car. 55564 in regional railways, which the cab face mouling missing as well!! :rolleyes:

Ive considered converting this to a class 144, which would involve adding, if avaialable, DC kits cabs, reprofiling the roof to a rounded profile, and also removing redoing some underframe equipment, but my main goal wheter converting the model or not, is to replace the two noisy Hornby motors with something like a Branchlines kit ...

I think it was on the old RMweb forum I saw this type of project done?? a quick and hastend search found no results :mellow:


Finally, the third addition to my model fleet was an addition to my rapidly growing fleet of 73s; 73101 in Pullman livery! this will have the same detailing as 73118, so ill post updates of progress of this in due course ...


Pics to follow soon :icon_wave:


Thanks for looking





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