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Happy 2010 from Leipzig

NGT6 1315



Is it not odd somehow that with the jump of just one second to the next a year filled with events comes to an end? I hope you all had a good New Year's night, of course! :)


Anyway - around noon today I thought it would be good to head out for an hour or two, and so I packed my camera again. Weather was mostly overcast and a few snowflakes twirled to the ground every now and then, so I limited myself to capturing stationary trams, as the lighting was too adverse for photographing moving objects. I soon found that the duty rosters appeared to be back to normal - line 12 was served by NGT8 cars again, and line 16 with NGT12 ones. Earlier today I was thinking of another possible explanation for the change between Christmas and New Year: Apparently there have been repeated riots in the southern borough of Connewitz during this period for the past few years, which led the LVB to deactivate and secure all outdoor ticket machines over New Year. I could well imagine they would not want to risk their newest trams on any of those lines crossing or at least touching Connewitz, and thus decided to reshuffle their duty rosters accordingly. However, according to the news this morning all remained quiet down there last night.





I first walked up Virchowstraße, a few minutes from our place. At the Gottschallstraße stop (that street intersecting Virchowstraße about fifty or so metres behind this spot) I captured NGT8 set 1149 "Friederike Caroline Neuber" on line 12 to Technisches Rathaus - suitably advertising for a washing agent, considering the dirt and slush evident on the ground in this image and the fact that many a stomach might have been emptied the wrong way on New Year's Eve! :lol:


After that I caught the next tram heading the other way to Gohlis-Nord and returned on it to the city, riding right down to Technisches Rathaus. There, the car I was riding on switched to the 4E line and headed back to Central Station.






This here was the Gutenbergplatz stop, just southeast of the city centre on Prager Straße. The brick building in the background is called "Haus des Buches", and the tram is car 1222 "Bologna" on its way to Miltitz on line 15.

As it was cold and I had not had any lunch, I then returned to Augustusplatz on the next line 12 service to come along, and got myself some food. Luckily there are more than enough eating places in Leipzig for all tastes!


As an additional note: As I was waiting at Central Station for my tram back home I noticed how NGT8 car 1120, working the 3 line at that moment, had apparently been fitted with a new frontside destination indicator where the line number was surrounded by a green square. I figured that this might well have to do with the fact that Leipzig's tram lines are colour-coded on network plans and stop signs, according to which major transfer points they call at. Lines 1, 3 and 13 are green and call at Central Station and Goerdelerring; lines 10, 11 and 16 are red and call at Central Station and Augustusplatz; lines 2, 8 and 9 are yellow and call at Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz; lines 4, 7, 12 and 15 are dark blue and call at Goerdelerring, Central Station and Augustusplatz. Line 14, finally, is light blue and calls only at Goerdelerring.






I was initially planning to ride up the 4 line to Landsberger Straße afterwards, but as the light was fading I called it a day and headed home - tomorrow'll be another day after all. At Eutritzscher Zentrum, more or less halfway up Delitzscher Straße, I rounded off my trip by capturing NGT12 set 1211 "Munich" which was on its way to Lößnig on line 16.



Edit: Of course this entry is meant to be dated 1 January 2010 rather than 2004! :lol:



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