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Concealing Reed Switch (Very Fiddly!)

Ray Von


I purchased some Peco SL-345 AWS ramps with the intention of hiding a couple of reed switches I have on the layout. They are linked to "arc effect" LED circuits and are activated by magnets added to the underside of my EMU's.


I'd hoped that they would hide the switches straight from the box, and they did - unfortunately, a test run with my Class 08 shunter had it left high and dry!


With some very careful scoring, filing and a little sanding I eventually succeeded in creating a cavity just big enough to enable the ramp to snuggly house the reed switch.


What went well:


They fit and hide the reed switch, they don't sheild the switch from the magnetic field, they protect the delicate glass of the reed switch.


What didn't go well:


Slight loss of detailing (see pic), probably not prototypically placed on layout (on a curve after signal lights..)


Not going to lose too much sleep over that though. On the whole, pleased. :-)


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