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Lighting up the track - fitting after-market lights to a Lego train



In my previous post I talked about how my wife and brother took advantage of Black Friday deals to each buy me a train set. So, I knew these were coming (that was a long 5 week wait until Christmas Day!) and so I went into the Lego store and bought a set of train lights that are compatible with the new Powered Up motive system. These are a bit expensive for what you get, but are fun to fit and really enhance the train.


Here's what you get for your money:






The cab interior is built to accommodate the after-market addition. The grey bars sticking out either side of the seat are there to run the wires under.




The lights plug into the pin holes in the Technic brick at the front of the cab. You can see from these pictures how the wires go behind the driver's seat and plug into the secondary outlet from the bluetooth battery box. This means you can turn the lights on and off independently while the train is in motion or keep them on when it is at rest.






Unfortunately when they were in there was a lot of internal cab glare. You can see the problem in this photo.




It had a very simple solution - probably the easiest 'mod' I've ever done.




And here is an 18 second video showing the train doing circuits with the lights on. I feel it brings a whole new character to the train.



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