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More quayside track

Fen End Pit


Over the festive period I got most of the track for the quayside built and wired. Point control is all manual via wire-in-tube and/or cranks. I've fitted check rails to most of the line and think I'm probably going to try some Noch cobbles for the road service.




The J65 shunts a couple of vans in the loop. This loop is just long enough to take three short wheelbase vans without fouling the three-way point which gives access to the pair of sidings.




This is an overall view of the quayside, at the left hand end there is going to be an antiquated lifting bridge over the entrance to the canal. I thinking of something with a post in each corner and then chains going up and over a wheel on the top of the post to a counter balance. I think I can dig out some pictures from an early Bylines. The first arch is going to be open with a wagon turntable taking the track through the arch to the factory the other side of the viaduct.


Thanks to Rad for the delivery of more rail!


The other job this week was ballasting most of the remaining section on the main line. I've decided I HATE ballasting!



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I told my wife about this layout - suggesting that perhaps my current study is too small and that really, I needed a larger room to facilitate the building of a decent round the room layout. Suffice to say she was not impressed. Excellent work, and I'm very jealous! :)

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