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And there it was, gone....



So I’m strolling along as a Project Engineer on directional drilling works. It’s a stroll in the park, I have everything I’m asked for at my fingertips and half the time, I work from home. 


This leaves me time to look about me, and I’ve been out today on my 2013 Bonneville. My kids conspired to get me to buy this bike, and... I appreciate their thinking but is it REALLY a Bonneville? Nah, not reeeelly. It’s a pleasant bike and it has the name and the styling - but I owned a Bonneville when they were fading old troupers, being pushed into the kerb by a newer generation like the Ducati SS and the Kawasaki Z1. 


I almost wish manufacturers wouldn't do this sort of thing. Perhaps if I didn’t have an early 90s Sportster for comparison, a REAL dinosaur, it wouldn’t niggle at me so, but I can’t help feeling the Triumph will fade away, sooner rather than later..


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