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Bachmann BSK Interior - part 2



By way of completion of an old blog entry: Before my house move I started constructing an interior from scratch for a Bachmann maroon BSK that I'd bought at Expo EM as a 'spare' without an interior (well, not quite true, it had a TSO interior!!).  I described how I'd built the interior but I didn't post photos of the completed job.  so here are some external views of the almost complete coach, re-wheeled in existing bogies to P4 (to see how that runs).BSK-corr-side-complete-1.JPG.b8d930197447cbaa91ad41b67f2e2e72.JPG


The complete coach from the corridor side, with a hint of the transparency that putting mesh into the brake end corridor partition gives




Shown a bit better in this close up of the brake end




This is the compartment side, showing the effect of the less white toilet window (more realistic for earlier Mk1 builds) and the damaged lining which I've still to repair, and to give it an LM region number too ....




The brake end showing daylight through the brake compartment and the effect of less white on the guard's compartment window allowing the back of the guard's desk to be seen (prominent in most BSK photos)


Thats it for now on the BSK until it appears in a complete rake, (and I've another to do with original Bachmann interior!!)



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