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Bricks and sticks



So, moving onto some buildings for the planned layout. My initial idea was for a signal box. However an extensive rake through Google suggested that signal boxes weren't that common a feature of stations in small rural South Australian communities. So plan B... The very informative "When there were stations" website (sorry not sure how to post hyperlinks) turned up some excellent photos of the former Station at Moockra. This features a small building of a design which was apparently once common across the SAR system, but is now apparently extinct. Australian National apparently had a major purge of redundant buildings in the 80's and 90's.


Anyhow, a small but interesting structure to reproduce. I've made a start on a (roughly) scale drawing, working out dimensions from prints of a couple of photos. So far so good, I hope. 

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interesting little building!  Inserting links is fairly easy - just highlight the text that you want to hyperlink from and click the link button (fifth from left) in the toolbar along the top of the text entry box and copy/paste the link in to box that pops up.  I think this is the one you want :drink_mini:

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