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Goods platform with crane




A simple platform for goods seems like a good idea for the high-level part of my layout. The platform will provide a little foreground interest for the scene here, and it will be a 'period' piece built of stone and cobbles to contrast with the modern building and metals processor beyond.


This is my platform. I used Wills sheets of cobbles for the top and their random stone for the sides. The Wills sheets don't need very much support to make a robust model.



I wanted a curved edge on the platform. I cut off the moulded edging stones on the sheet of cobbles, made the edge of the cobbles sheet into the wanted shape, and reattached the edging stones. The Wills sheets are thick enough to let you do this in a robust sort of way without needing extra support on the back of the sheet:



The crane is a kit by Metcalfe. The centre line of the jib is about 47 mm above the ground surface, about 13 feet in 1:87 scale. I like this kit, the design seems clever to me with the timber parts and the pulleys built up from multiple layers of card:



The model crane looks just right here to me, it is quite compact and it will make for a reasonably balanced scene with the larger structures beyond it and one or two wagons in between them.



The metal prong top left is a lever to control a Kadee magnet under the turnout. This part of the layout will be difficult to photograph as long as it is dominated by the black foam board.

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9 hours ago, Mikkel said:

That crane does look good - I didn't realize they made such a kit. A neat build.

It is quite a "clever" kit - the laminated cardboard for the pulleys works well and the colours look good too. I expect a plastic kit would cost a lot more to make.

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