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Part 62: HOn3 Boxcar

M Graff


Made a little more progress on my LaBelle boxcar.
Only a few brake parts and coupler pockets remain to be mounted before painting.








I also finished a reefer marked for my railroad company.



Painted and decaled the boxcar.
I had a little mishap... I was going to add the handbrake chain, and I took a piece out of the box and soldered it in place.
Then I realized that it was the wrong kind of link!
I had taken a piece of an old gold chain....
Well, it is probably worth more than the kit...



The decals are dry transfers from Woodland scenics and some old ones I had in a box.

Started the weathering. I begin by painting flaked paint, i.e. paint on grayish wood color.

The markings are for one of my mines on my layout; the Yvon Gold Mining company.  Named after my late mother.
 Because there is genuine gold on the car, it suits it well.  My mother would had loved this one.  


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