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A return to an old favourite here. The Dapol kitmaster 20t Brakevan is a firm favourite of mine and is a kit I return to often. It is a good datum for measuring my progress as a modeller as it is the first kit I built upon returning to the hobby and since then I have built a few different representations. It remains one of the best representations of a 20t brake van and at just 5 quid is an absolute bargain. This time round I wanted to make a bigger change to the kit and attempt to represent the earlier LNER brake van upon which the BR version is based. 



This is not a review but it is worth noting the amount of flash on this kit. It is is also worth noting that this is absolutely no consequence to the end product. A sharp knife and fine sanding blog with sort this right out. 




This picture is from a different build (same kit) and shows an essential tool for removing raised detail. Handrails will be replaced and it is best to remove them before the kit is constructed. 



The kit is built in the usual way but the floor ends are removed as the LNER brake van did not have the concrete weights which are represented in the kit. The handrails have been scraped away.


A thin piece of plastikard is used for the end floor replacement. Grab rails which are present on the BR version are not required.




The Footboards are shorter on the LNER version. It would be acceptable to cut down the kit steps but instead I decided to scratch build for a slightly finer finish. 


A thin plastikard strip is added to tidy up the bottom of the veranda.  I have also added  the plate above the lookout ducket which was not present on all examples and I assume was a later addition to perhaps ease corrosion as I would say this was an area where water would run off the rain strips onto.  Holes have also been drilled to receive the .5mm brass wire handrail. 




Handrails have been added to this side of the vehicle. for the first time I have also put the handrail brackets on the horizontal grab rail.


NEXT: Solebar strengthening triangles will be added, Underframe detail scratchbuilt and  a roof fabricated (the Dapol one is a bit thick and is a mirror image of the prototype with the vents being in the opposite position to reality. Bed Now though!


Nos da. 




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Brilliant! I have about 6 of these waiting in the wings. So I'll be following this blog with great interest.

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