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Starting a signal box.

Dave John


The signal box on Kelvinbank consists of a photo of Boness box stuck to a light bulb box. Ok, its the right style and size, but time to make something a bit more accurate.


So the silhouette has been busy. The windows are all done as a single layer, the frames both sides laminated onto that. Cutting all those soffit brackets took a while, but I’d never manage it by hand. This is the second attempt, I got my dimensions wrong on the go.





Some brickwork for the lower sides next.


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Hi Dave, out-of-curiosity (and in the hope I haven't asked this previously!) ... what thickness of styrene can your cutter handle?

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It is just the basic portrait. Cuts 10 thou, but won't go all the way through 20 or embossed sheet. However even with 20 thou the fact that it can cut half way and do so accurately and repetitively means that going the rest of the way through the sheet with a scalpel is very easy


The layers shown are 10 thou clear with 10 thou white each side giving a 30 thou laminate. The stair handrails are 2 laminations of 10 thou. 

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