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Hunslet 22hp 4wDM kit



I've recently finished a model of the Middleton Railway's Hunslet 22hp 4wDM, nicknamed 'Sweet Pea'. Allegedly the smallest standard gauge diesel in the UK! Which made it somewhat of a challenge to motorise... see size comparison photo with the Terrier. The roof hasn't printed perfectly but the rest of the body has come out pretty well. It's got a micro motor driving both axles, and a tiny flywheel that I'm not sure does anything to help. Runs a bit quickly but considering the space I had to play with (or lack thereof), I'm quite happy with it. 







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Can we have a pic of the chassis and motor arrangement please

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27 minutes ago, KH1 said:

Can we have a pic of the chassis and motor arrangement please


Haven't got any pics to hand at the moment, but the CAD assembly looks like this (3D printed chassis in grey, motor, gears and wheels in orange and pickups in blue).



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