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Sand Dryer Chimney




The drawings for the shed and all the associated buildings were made using a combination of plans, from maps I have in my possession, counting bricks from photographs and information from other sources. In the case of the chimney I got the drawing wrong.


The laser cut parts for the chimney were cut to my drawings to form a structure 44ft high tapering from 3ft square at the top to 6ft at the bottom. I then received a new photograph taken from a new angle and closer position....... where has that happened before?


The bottom 8ft of the chimney is actually 5ft 6in square!


Fortunately I received this photograph about a week ago before I had made a start on the chimney. There was enough material to cut 32mm off the bottom and reshape the taper to form the square base. I'll leave you to judge the result yourself.














I am advised the laser cut roof pieces are in the post so I will be able to make the hipped roof and finish the building.


In the meantime I have made a start on the office/stores/mess complex....


Does anyone know of a source of Berol Karisma pencils... apparently they are no longer available?


{Posted 21.15 4th Jan 2010}



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