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A1 Models Hunslet Jackshaft




Cut them from the etch, soldered them together (laminated from 2 layers), cut an axle from 1/8". Broached out the holes to suit the axle and the crankpins (Romford).

Checked them against the wheels and guess what? The crankpin throw is different from the wheels...

There was no mention in the instructions as to what wheels to use neither are there any alternative cranks to suit different wheels included (which could be easily done...)

Making new cranks should be easy, just a case of sweating 2 layers of suitable brass stock together, marking out, drilling and tapping before cutting to shape (quite distinctive on Hunslets) and seperating.

But right now I can't be bothered, not untill I can sort out the cab/bonnet discrepency anyway.

So it sits on the shelf, waiting.


Sorry, no photos this time.


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