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Hornby Peckett 0-6-0ST 'Westminster'. Introduction.

Mick Bonwick


The recent crop of Peckett locomotives from Hornby has lured me back into collecting habits. Temporarily! :P


Their reproduction of the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (APCM) locomotive, 'Westminster', which ended its days at Kidlington (Shipton-on-Cherwell) cement works (https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.8539534,-1.3086071,1896m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en), proved too much of a challenge for me and one was purchased specifically for the purpose of describing how it was to be weathered, in great detail.


Thorough investigation of the model revealed that there was significant work to be done before any weathering materials got anywhere near it. The grease that is applied to the model during manufacturing appears to have been applied using a dessert spoon. The result is that it gets everyhere that it is meant to, certainly, but also to many places where it is neither needed nor welcome.


Here is how it appears when viewed from underneath the chassis:




Here you can see how there has been too much applied to the motion:





If this excess is not removed then there will be disappointment ahead! The stuff is thixotropic, and once it meets rubbing surfaces will spread everywhere that it can. This means body interiors where it is spread by centrifugal force from rotating mechanisms, and bodywork component joins where it is spread by capillary action through all your carefully applied pigments and washes. It has to be removed.




This is just the beginning - the whole chassis will have to be dismantled and drastic action taken. . . . . . . . . . . 



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