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Bodmin General(ish) Station building starts




I have made a start on my interpretation of the station building at Bodmin General, I am using the Ratio station kit for the kit bash



The first job was to look at what parts (from 2 kits) could be used in making each elevation, top to bottom :- station front, station front platform side, platform building rear, platform building front.

I knew I needed an additional canopy and I managed to buy on eBay a third station building kit for the price of a canopy kit. This have given me more options to be closer to the original 


I started to build the platform building front from the left hand side, the double window and door part was made from splicing two of the double window and door ( top item) parts leavinga spare window and door section (middle). Carefull splicing of the 2 slit windows made a large window



A window and door section was selected, the left hand end was trimmed. The second photo shows it joined and another of the same section was selected




This third section was added and a fourth part selected and joined to the previous sections. This should complete the platform face, its 10 mm too long but final trimming will take place once all 4 elevations have been completed  




The station front may be a bit harder to create, starting by joining a window section to a window and door section




2 end sections will be added once the final size is established, I am missing a window in the centre section, but I can live with this. The left hand gable should horizontal slit window and the right hand one should have a larger door. I may try and splice in these parts if I am brave enough

Its about 3 mm too long, but the platform side needs building first so I have a bit of a leeway






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